Petit St Vincent, St Vincent and the Grenadines

A private island for private people

  • Petit St Vincent, St Vincent and the Grenadines


The beach resort Petit St Vincent may be described as the paradise seen on misleading ads or in dreams. But this beach resort isn´t misleading or a dream. It has everyhing; luxurious cottages, white beaches, the best food and personnel. Privacy or meeting new people, sportive or tranquil, Petit St Vincent offers it all. 


For the guests who just want to relax on their holiday there are yoga and spa facilities. The more active holidaymaker can enjoy the watersport and 'landsport' (fitness trails, tennis and golf) amenities. The crew of Petit St Vincents offers also excursions to the surrounding islands in the Caribbean Sea.


Private Island. No airport present (first fly to Barbados, than Union Island, than boat trip ± 20 min). Opportunity to rent the entire island.


Petit St Vincent  is a luxurious private island tucked away in the Grenadine islands of the West Indies. A tropical barefoot hideaway offering guests the rare chance to unplug from the normal day to day urban technological clutch.
Aside from offering generous comforts, ultimate privacy and an understated yet attentive service, there exists a conspicuous and deliberate absence of connectivity to the outside world. There are no TV’s, phones or internet in the beach front villas and cottages, encouraging you to unwind, relax and enjoy each other’s company without any unwanted distractions.