Wolwedans, Namibia

African dream desert vacation

  • Wolwedans, Namibia


Wolwedans gives everything Namibia has to offer, and more. Their dediciation to the environment is inspiring.  


The drive to Wolwedans itself is already a safari. The passing zebra, oryx and springbok give you a warm welcome.

And of course Wolwedans offers various options to explore the area:  soar the desert skies in a hot air balloon, embark on a fly-in day safari to some of the most remote natural wonders in Namibia or experience the true magnitude of NamibRand on a walking safari…



Located in the heart of Namib Rand Nature Reserve in southern Namibia. The reserve is known for its great diversity of the landscape, the dunes almost look like a large color palette.

When you think of a dessert, you will not immediately think about a large variety of fauna. However, this dunes harbour a rich and diverse wildlife. Wolwedans encourage this strongly, simply because of love for nature.                         
Expierence a luxurious stay in the lodges of Wolwedans, or enjoy a more down-to-earth residence in the camps. Both with excellent quality. 

The combination of beautiful lodges and camps combined with seemingly endless and protected nature makes Wolwedans one of the best in Namibia.