Windflower Resort and Spa Bandipur, India

Jungle resort with with amazing wildlife.

  • Windflower Resort and Spa Bandipur, India


Situated in the middle of the national park. Himadev Gopalaswamy Betta :  The highest peak in Bandipur National Park, this hill is best known for its Krishna temple, built by King Chola Bhallala in 1315 AD. Said be blessed by the penance of Sage Agastya himself, the temple receives scores of devotees, including visiting elephants, and has the most fantastic views of the sunrise over the park.


Trek to a tribal colony. Drive up Tiger hill. Take a walk on the wild side, at the Windflower Tusker Trails Bandipur. Safari and Treks available or stay in and be pampered.


 There is a  strict no to music, loud gatherings and noisy parties. The resort is a wild- lifers paradise. See and hear forest animals.


Bandipur is one of India's best kept secrets, and amongst the few Project Tiger reserves that has seen an actual increase in the population of these endangered cats. But put those stripes away for a second, and be very, very quiet, as you zoom in to a pack of wild dogs feasting on their prey, only to focus on elephants drinking from the nearby watering hole. The park is home to leopards, four-horned antelopes, crested serpent eagles, as well as towering, fragrant Sandalwood trees. Come, feast on the sight of nature in all her myriad colours and forms, learn the old jungle lore and find your place in this delicate balance, in this untamed heart of the country.