Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve & Lodge, Ecuador

Rustic Ecuadorian cloud forest lodge

  • Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve & Lodge, Ecuador


The mission of Bellevista is to create a space for active conservation of the cloud forest, and provide educational  recreation and a  place of contemplation for visitors of all ages from all over the world. We think their commitment to forest conservation is huge and we deeply appreciate this. 


Bellavista organizes multiple activitities with the main purpose to show the beautifull surroundings (with some extra attention for the birds) at its best.  



Discover true peace and wild places and  spot rare and endemic birds, orchids and other species in this eco-lodge, nestled in the middle of a cloud forest at the top of the famed Tandayapa Valley                                                                                                       Bellavista offers several different kinds of lodges so there is something for everyone. All of the lodges fit perfectly in the environment, it almost seems like mother nature made them herself. Just imagine to sit out on your private balcony eating typical Ecuadorian food provided by the kitchen staff while observing the magical activity of the forest..